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Welcome to the official website of Dr. Kamil M. Halambiec  

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The mission of Dr.Kamil Ministries is to empower the Body of Christ by reviving the spirit while challenging the intellect.



Dr. Kamil Halambiec

Dr. Kamil is the author of two books on revival: "Contagiousness of Revival" and "Religious Experience in the Works of Jonathan Edwards", and advises to churches on how to create a lively and vibrant congregation, open for the move of the Holy Spirit.

"I’m call to encourage churches and Christian academia to experience revival and renewal of mind and spirit.

I value the experiential and intellectual side of the Christianity combining faith and reason, heart and intellect, and enjoy the fullness of God’s presence for the spirit, soul and body."


Dr. Kamil is the author of books and articles on the philosophy of religious experience, history of revivals, Pentecostal theology, and co-author of a book on Jews in Medieval Poland.  

Jonathan Edwards and religious experienc


Dr. Kamil is a revivalist and an academic lecturer (theologian, philosopher, political scientist, educator, historian). He preach revivals and teach about history and theology of revivals.

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